Identity Guidelines


The SISU logo is the central visual device within the SISU graphic identity. It is composed of three lines of lettering surrounded by two olive branches and an open book which signify, respectively, the longing for peace and friendship and the quest for knowledge and truth.

The lettering reads, from top to bottom, 上外, which is the abbreviation for the University’s Chinese name, SISU, and 1949, the year of its founding.

The logo is designed to represent SISU’s commitment to promoting China’s international exchange, with its graduates left their footprints all over the world.


The SISU Chinese logotype is made of Lu Xun’s calligraphy taken from the published manuscript of Lu Xun’s Diary, and has been used ever since the University was renamed Shanghai Foreign Language Institute in 1956.


The SISU color is SISU Blue (sea blue), representing the spirit of embracing the world in the way the sea embraces rivers.

Primary Palette: The primary color is Pantone (PMS) 2945 / CMYK (100, 50, 0, 10).