Mission and Vision

  • The Spirit of SISU

    University motto in Chinese, English and French

  • The Book of Rites

    An annotated version of the Book of Rites, dated before 907 © Wikipedia

  • Wen Xuan

    A replica in Ma'anshan Museum, Anhui Province © Wikipedia


To prepare future global talents for all-round development to serve the needs of our nation, to advance social progress, and to promote heart-to-heart communication between China and the rest of the world.


To be acknowledged as a world-class university for global and area studies.


The slogan of the University is ‘诠释世界 成就未来’ (quan shi shi jie, cheng jiu wei lai). The slogan in English is ‘Interpret the World, Translate the Future’.


The motto of the University is ‘格高志远 学贯中外’ (ge gao zhi yuan, xue guan zhong wai). The motto in English is ‘Integrity, Vision and Academic Excellence’.

The motto in Chinese consists of two phrases of four characters each.

The first phrase, ‘格高志远’, meaning that one should have integrity and vision, originates from The Book of Rites, a core text of the Confucian canon, in which the Master says, ‘Those who talk honestly and act with integrity will live with vision and die with a clean reputation.’ Another source is found in Wen Xuan, or Selections of Refined Literature, edited by Xiao Tong of Southern Liang Dynasty (502-557): ‘With integrity and vision, one seems invincible.’

The second phrase, ‘学贯中外’, meaning that one should achieve academic excellence that brings together China and the rest of the world, signifies SISU’s commitment to embracing the diversity of cultures and its mission to introduce the world to China and present China globally. 



Ode to SISU was officially adopted as the song of SISU by the University Administration Committee on March 27th, 1989 after being trial sung and evaluated by experts including Lu Zaiyi from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. It was written by Zhuang Kairen, a former PhD candidate from the University’s English Department, with the music composed by Wang Zhihui, a 1985 undergraduate student in International Trade.  In 2009 when the University celebrated its 60th anniversary, the lyrics were revised in line with the new motto.