Study Abroad

Incoming Students — Study at SISU

Students have been coming to SISU on short term or full academic year study for credit ever since the late 1970s when China adopted the reform and opening up policy. The University has so far recruited over 30,000 international students from around 90 countries, boasting one of the largest international student groups in China. Over the past five years, around 4,000 international students have been enrolled each year in our Chinese language programs or other degree schemes. This has improved their understanding of Chinese culture, facilitated two-way communication and boosted international cooperation for SISU.

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Outgoing Students – Studying Abroad

SISU’s international exchange programs have significantly expanded with more students and researchers encouraged acquiring a global vision and learning in a multi-cultural environment.

Most SISU students have the opportunity to go abroad at one of our partners to study as part of their degree usually for half an academic year. However, some Schools and Departments have a full year study abroad option. Students are also encouraged to participate in summer or winter exchange programs.

In collaboration with our partner universities, we have embarked a variety of international transfer programs, such as 1+3 Foundation Programs, 2+2 Undergraduate Programs, Double Masters’ Degree Programs.

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