Research Impact

  • World Reputation

    Wu Keli, SISU's professor of Russian, was awarded by the Russian federal government for his contribution to bilingual lexicography.

  • Inter-university Consortium

    The Third United Nations Memorandums of Understanding Universities (UN-MoU Universities) Conference was held in SISU in 2013.

  • Academic Engagement

    The XII MAPRYAL Congress was held in SISU, gathering more than a thousand international scholars of Russian language and literature.

  • Scholarly Publications

    As a large university press, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press distinguishes itself by its dedication to advance cultural studies.

学术”, the two Chinese characters for “academic”, originally meant “to learn or emulate” and “skill or way” respectively, and are combined to signify “seeking the way to the future by learning from past experiences and knowledge”.

SISU has always endeavored to be a world-class university of international studies by devoting much attention to the acquisition, application and dissemination of knowledge. Many of our faculty members are professional researchers as well as tutors and lecturers, carrying out scholarly investigation into their specialist subjects and making innovative and meaningful discoveries that feed into teaching and contribute to global knowledge.

Our researchers are sticking to academic ethics and scholarly integrity, dedicated to expanding the scope of the social sciences, and valuing the cultivation of international vision and the concept of world citizenship, thus contributing to the friendship and progress of mankind as well as peace and development of the world.