Research at SISU


ith a mission to “introduce the rest of the world to China” and “present China globally”, we emerged as one of the country’s leading research institutions in linguistics, cultural studies and international politics. We have been involved in a variety of academic activities, including hosting domestic and international academic conferences, establishing research institutions, sponsoring academic publications and carrying out academic exchange visits.

In recent years, SISU's research strenghth has been further recognized for its progress and excellence in the studies of politics and global affairs. We have developed a focused field of research in Area Studies. Funded by the Ministry of Education, our distinguished Middle East Studies Institute (MESI), Center for European Union Studies, Center for Russian Studies and Center for British Studies are playing an important role in China’s diplomatic decision-making.

Our students are encouraged to actively engage in research projects. The President’s Award Series is an annual academic competition held among undergraduates, with the core programs related to paper writing and thesis defense and other programs including Reading Club, Freshman Bookshelves, SISU Lecture Series and various symposia. All these activities help undergraduates form good learning habits by following a sequential order of guided reading, extensive reading, intensive reading, writing, discussion and in-depth research.

The Graduate Seminar Series regularly organized by our Graduate School has also been regarded as an effective platform for academic exchange. Foreign Language and Cultural Studies, the School’s signature collection series of academic papers, is in its 10th edition, reflecting our graduate students’ strong research capacity.

SISU currently edits and publishes 12 highly regarded and rigorously peer-reviewed academic journals and joint publications. Among these publications, the Journal of Foreign Languages, which is highly reputed in China’s linguistic circles, was twice listed among “China’s Top 30 University Journals in Social Sciences” (respectively in 2006 and 2010). It is also the only language journal published in China to be included with titles and abstracts of papers by the Modern Language Association of America (MLA).

Another journal International Review has seen its ranking lifted dramatically in recent years, now listed No. 4 among all politics journals by the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) (2012). Featured multilingual websites are being built to help Chinese academic journals go global and to promote the translation of Chinese outstanding academic publications, thus enhancing China’s presence in a globalized academic world.