Arts at SISU

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ecognizing that an inclusive campus culture is essential for an active campus atmosphere and fostering good moral character, SISU focuses on creating a diverse campus culture and orientates students towards “Integrity, Vision and Academic Excellence”. From concerts and theater performances to exhibitions and professional courses, SISU offers a rich array of opportuities for aesthetic engagement, forstering a creative arts community.


Recreational and involvement activities make the campus a lively, engaging and artistic environment. The annual national program “Fine Art into Campus” has given students access to artistic experience and improved their aesthetic taste. A host of art courses are included in the common curriculum for students to better understand and experience the merits of art.

Performing groups are blossoming and expanding. SISU Finalmente Troupe popular with students has won the Award of Best Performance from the Golden Hedgehog University Students Drama Festival, and is recognized as one of the best university drama troupe in China. SISU Dance Troupe, Orchestra and “Across” Chorus have also given many successful performances both at home and abroad. The annual “Top Ten Singers” competition has also attracted great attention from music lovers with great success.

Composed of a chorus, a dance troupe, a drama troupe and a symphony orchestra, SISU Arts Troupe has also performed in Morocco, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Chile and many other foreign countries and showed vividly the charm of Chinese culture during its frequent world tours.