China Studies Program

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he China Studies Program (CSP) of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) offers a broad, interdisciplinary approach to the study of China. During the two-year program design, overseas students will receive training on Chinese history and culture systematically and study the politics and governance, economy, foreign policy and society of China comprehensively.

With the strong research background on foreign languages and cultures in SISU, students are offered the opportunity to deepen the understanding of China through comparative studies on Chinese and foreign cultures and societies. Upon completion of the program, graduates will earn a master’s degree, as recognized by China's Ministry of Education. Graduates from this program will be better prepared for many professional careers related to China as well as for further academic work.


The CSP is comprised of two components:


Students must complete about 10 major-related courses. Intensive Chinese language course, public elective courses and internship are also required for graduation.


Students must finish a dissertation of no less than 10000 words in English with an abstract in Chinese in no less than 1000 characters and successfully defend it to earn a Master of Law degree.

Major-Related Courses

All the courses are taught in English, and divided into three divisions, including:

Chinese history and culture

●       Generalization Overview of Chinese History*

●       Introduction of Classical Works of Chinese Thinkers*

●       Comparative Studies of Chinese and Foreign Cultures

●       Languages and Cultures in Contemporary China

●       Media and Public Opinion in Contemporary China

Chinese Economy and Society

●       China’s Economic Reform*

●       China’s Economic Opening*

●       Social and Political Thoughts in Contemporary China

●       Social Transformation and Trends in Contemporary China

●       The Legal System of Contemporary China

Chinese Politics and Diplomacy

●       The Strategy and Diplomacy of China*

●       Political and Administrative Systems in Contemporary China

●       Regional Security and Politics in the Asia-Pacific

Courses with the mark of  * are compulsory. Students are required to finish about 5 – 7 other courses related in the 3 divisions.



2 academic years


Downtown Campus (Hongkou), Shanghai


10 government scholarships or SISU scholarships full/partial will be offered.


Applicants shall be Non-Chinese citizens, university graduates with bachelor’s degree, good English proficiency which meets the requirements of degree courses; in good health; with Chinese proficiency preferred.


1) SISU Application Form (Degree Programs) - Download

2) Diploma and academic record in original or notarized copy in English or Chinese.

3) Photocopy of HSK certificate or Chinese proficiency certification.*

4) Personal statement, about 1000 words, written in Chinese or in the language which meets the academic requirement of the program, including study and work experiences, research results and study plan.

5) The index and abstract of published papers and any other materials to certify your research abilities.

6) Two original recommendation letters from professor or associate professor in English or Chinese.

7) Photocopy of passport.

8) 4 passport photos (in size of 5cm * 4cm).

9) TOEFL / IELTS certificate or certification from the institution awarding your most recent degree confirming the language of instruction is English.

 * Applicants with HSK certificate or Chinese proficiency certification should submit.



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