Our Campuses



Our Hongkou Campus is located in downtown Shanghai and faces Lu Xun Park across Dalian Road West, covering a total area around 16.9 hectares. Walking around the campus, you can enjoy the serene ambience with elegant surroundings.

This site was initially where Chizhi University (founded back in 1924 and later renamed Chizhi College) was and then a campus of the National Jinan University, before SISU moved into the renovated buildings and residence in February, 1950.

The campus currently provides academic and research programs for senior postgraduate students, international students and part-time students.




SISU’s Songjiang Campus lies in the Songjiang University Town and covers an area of around 57.8 hectares, providing undergraduate programs and education for junior postgraduate students.

It is noted for its picturesque landscape of lush green trees and exotic style teaching buildings, which feature typical architecture from corresponding countries and regions, such as the Islamic style teaching building of the School of Asian and African Studies, the Byzantine style teaching building of the School of Russian and Eurasian Studies, the Victorian style teaching building of the School of English Studies, and the Japanese style teaching building of the School of Japanese Studies, with all the styles echoing the multi-lingual nature of the University. Such a campus with so many architectural styles as that of SISU is rare. A wide range of campus activities and academic lectures is another highlight of this beautiful area.