Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press


 publisher of excellent scholarship since its founding in 1979, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press (SFLEP) is one of most prestigious university presses in China. With an affiliate to Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), the Press distinguishes itself by its outstanding dedication to advance language education and research. So far, the Press has published more than 7000 titles with a diversity of nearly 30 languages, including course-books, academic works, reference books, dictionaries, journals and electronic publications.

Course-books for college English, since making their debuts, have been most avidly received in approximately 1000 institutions of higher learning while those for English majors have taken up the lion’s share of the domestic market. Parallel to the strides made in print and audio-visual formats, its electronic publications are increasingly predominant. Now the Web-accessible English programs cater well to the needs of English learners from all strata of life.

Alongside the great strides made in cornering the domestic market, its cooperation with overseas counterparts is also expanding steadily. The Press has established partnerships with over 60 foreign publishing houses, and the network is expected to extend further.

The press is committed to advancing the development of China’s foreign language education. In 2012, the press published 1,268 books, of which 890, or 70.1%, were reprinted. 5 of the 10 most highly cited books of language subjects listed in the Analysis of Highly Cited Index of China 2010 were published by SFLEP, indicating our strong influence in Chinese academia.

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