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SISU Prepares to Celebrate Its 70th Anniversary (Notice No. 1)


n December, 2019, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) shall celebrate its 70th Anniversary with a series of special events designed in response to requests and proposals from SISU alumni across the world and all SISU faculty and staff.

Established in December 1949, shortly after the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), as the first foreign language institution of higher learning in the PRC, SISU is now a leading Chinese university under the joint administration of China’s Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Shanghai Municipal Government, endorsed by China’s national “Project 211” and “Double First-rate” program for university administration. Through seven decades of its commitment and endeavors, SISU has developed a remarkable track record of progressive reforms, from its beginning as a single language teaching institution when it was established in 1949, to Shanghai Foreign Languages Institute offering multi-language programs in the mid-1950s, then to a multi-disciplinary university that offers, in addition to programs of foreign languages and literatures, a diverse mix of academic disciplines including literature, education, economics, management sciences, and laws in the late 1970s when China launched its reform and opening-up policy, and further to the current world-class foreign language university distinctly featured by international studies in a global vision.

Since its establishment 70 years ago, SISU has stayed true to its commitments to “serving the Chinese people’s wellbeing and China’s national development,” as proposed by its first president Jiang Chunfang, to “producing multi-disciplinary professionals specialized in foreign language studies needed for China’s modernization development,” as defined in the outset of China’s reform and opening-up policy, and to “serving China’s national development, people’s overall development, social advancement, and cultural and humanistic exchange between China and other countries,” which is what SISU is currently striving for.

SISU has featured an outstanding team of prestigious faculty members, including Fang Zhong, Lu Peixian, Yue Yanglie, Xia Zhongyi, Xu Zhongnian, Wang Dechun, Li Guanyi, and Yang Xiaoshi, who remarkably contributed to the creation and enrichment of the SISU academic tradition and cultural legacy, and to the training of tens of thousands of highly talented SISU graduates working at the forefronts of China’s opening-up to the rest of the world with spectacular contributions made to the undertakings of China’s foreign affairs, international communication, and economic, cultural, and social development. With a focus on its mission to “Interpret the World, Translate the Future,” SISU has been and will continue to be devoted to producing excellent multi-disciplinary, international talents who are proficient in different languages and knowledgeable in various countries.

As a key milestone in the history of SISU, the 70th anniversary of the founding of SISU is a grand event to celebrate the glory developed by all SISUers over the decades and refresh its aspirations for the future, as well as a starting point of a new era marked by further comprehensive reforms toward a better university of prestige.  

SISU greatly appreciates all those, including the alumni across the world, who have contributed to the university’s development, and invites your presence at the celebration.


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 Shanghai International Studies University

December, 2018


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