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CONFERENCE | AI Technology-Enhanced Language Learning

The 2023 International Conference of Artificial Intelligence and Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Together with the Post-Graduate Academic Forum



Conference Introduction


With the rapid development of the research on information technology and artificial intelligence, technology-enhanced foreign language learning and teaching has become an inexorable trend. Under the new context of modern education technology, the in-depth integration of information technology and foreign language teaching is a research topic that needs urgent attention in the field of foreign language education. Against such a background, this conference will therefore focus on how to improve foreign language teaching and learning, language testing and assessment, as well as teacher development through technology empowerment. Moreover, it will explore how to promote the modernization of foreign language teaching through its integration with modern information technology.

“The 2023 International Conference of Artificial Intelligence and Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Together with the Post-Graduate Academic Forum” will be hosted by Shanghai International Studies University(SISU) and organized by the School of Education, SISU. Renowned experts and scholars from home and abroad in the fields of educational technology, language teaching, testing and assessment as well as teacher development will be invited to this conference in which they will discuss the in-depth integration of technology and foreign language education in the context of modern information technology from different perspectives so as to better promote the development of foreign language teaching and learning. Particularly, workshops on research methodology and English paper writing will be held to encourage academic exchange and cooperation between outstanding young scholars from home and abroad.




Call for Papers


To attract more high-quality original academic papers and thus ensure the academic quality of this conference, we are now announcing an open call for submissions in Chinese or English from teachers, researchers and postgraduates engaged in relevant fields. High-quality papers will be recommended for publication in core journals. Since this conference covers two main themes, information technology and foreign language learning, we warmly welcome topics including but not limited to:


Conference Themes 大会主题

l Technological Change and Language Learning 技术变革与语言学习

Four Sub-Themes 四个分主题

l Smart Technology-Empowered Language Learning 智能技术赋能的语言学习

- Multilingual Acquisition and Cognition 多语习得与认知

- Technological Frontier of Language Learning 语言学习的技术前沿

- Language Learning and Technological Support 语言学习与技术给养

- Personalized Language Learning 个性化语言学习

l Smart Technology-Empowered Language Teaching 智能技术赋能的语言教学

- Technology-Empowered Language Teaching Model 技术赋能的语言教学模式 

- Technology-Based Language Teaching Innovation 基于技术的语言教学创新 

- Corpus-Based Language Teaching 基于语料库的语言教学

- Application of Human-Computer Interaction and Games/VR/AR/MR to Language Teaching 人机交互及游戏/VR/AR/MR在语言教学中的应用  

l Frontier Research in Language Assessment 语言测评前沿研究

- Development of Language Assessment in the AI Era 人工智能时代下的语言测评发展

- Development of Intelligent Assessment Systems 智能测评系统研发

- Technology-Based Formative Assessment Research in Foreign Language Education 技术赋能的(外语)形成性评价

- International Comparison on Large-Scale Language Assessment 大规模语言测评国际比较

l Digital Transformation and Professional Development of Foreign Language Teachers 数字化转型与外语教师专业发展

- Connotation of Information Literacy of Foreign Language Teachers 外语教师数字素养内涵研究

- Path of Information Literacy Enhancement of Foreign Language Teachers 外语教师数字素养提升路径研究

- TPACK Competence of Foreign Language Teachers 外语教师TPACK能力研究

- Assessment and Feedback Literacy of Foreign Language Teachers 外语教师评价与反馈素养研究


Submission Format Requirement


This conference receives ONLY English abstract. For the details of submission format requirement, please check the link below:


English abstract英文摘要: AiTELL 2023 ABSTRACT GUIDELINES.docx.docx

Full paper in English英文全文: AiTELL 2023 Conference Template for Submission Format.doc.doc

Full paper in Chinese中文全文: AiTELL2023中文投稿模板.doc.doc



Key Dates (Extended)


Full Paper Submission Due 全文提交:2023.10.09

Opening Day 会议召开:2023年11月10-12日





Coordinators 会议联系人: Ms. Liu 刘老师, Mr. Wu 吴老师, Ms. Zhu 朱老师

Email: soeconference@shisu.edu.cn

Further information can be obtained from AiTELL 2023 Homepage.

更多有关会议的内容请查看AiTELL 2023主页。




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