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The 2nd 2019 SISU International Young Scholars Forum

About the Forum 

The year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU). In part to celebrate the anniversary, SISU will hold the second SISU International Young Scholars Forum from December 26 to 27, 2019. In the form of academic exchanges in nine academic fields where SISU has leading expertise, including  foreign languages and literatures, political science, business administration, journalism, Chinese language and literature, applied economics, education, law, and Marxism studies, the forum aims to gather young and middle-aged scholars with excellent academic background and academic potential around the world in the hope that they could enhance mutual outstanding and share insights, and that they are motivated to realize their dreams in SISU and boost the development of Shanghai.


About SISU

Founded in December 1949, SISU is the first foreign language education institution established after the founding of New China. Known as a cradle of foreign language education in China, SISU is a Project 211 university and a key university sponsored by the "Double First-class" project of MOE. SISU is the first Chinese university that has signed framework agreements for cooperation with the United Nations Headquarters and offices, the European Commission and the European Parliament.  SISU comes very high on many rankings of Chinese universities, including the QS World University Rankings, and its Foreign Languages and Literatures earned an "A+" in the academic evaluation of MOE.

SISU boasts a unique and distinguished mix of disciplines and programs. SISU is the only one of China's foreign studies universities that grants doctoral degrees and sponsors post-doctoral programs in three fields: foreign languages and literatures, political science, and business administration. Based on its strength in languages and literatures, SISU has achieved remarkable progress in literature, education, economics, management and law. SISU has three National Key Disciplines: English Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, and Arabic Language and Literature. It owns one State-level center for minority language undergraduate programs (Western European languages) and offers 10 State-level specialty programs. SISU’s Foreign Languages and Literatures (with A+ rating) is on the First-class Discipline list of MOE, while six disciplines including foreign languages and literatures, political science, applied economics, education, journalism and business administration are included in the First-class Discipline of Shanghai.

SISU is committed to the development of "strategic languages". Currently, SISU offers 42 language programs, including all major modern languages ​​of the world like English, and offers courses on classical languages like Latin and several minority languages.


SISU is also keen on developing area studies and building top-level think tanks. SISU has a host of major research centers and institutes sponsored by the State and the municipal government of Shanghai, including: 1 National Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies (Middle East Studies Institute), 1 State Language Commission Research Institute (Research Center for Foreign Language Strategies),  2 Research Institutes co-sponsored by the MOF (The China-Arab Center for Reform and Development Studies and the Center for China-Japan-Korea Trilateral Studies), a Research Institute sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Government (Shanghai Academy of Global Governance and Area Studies), 3 National Institutes of Area Studies (Center for European Union Studies, Center for Russian Studies, and Center for British Studies), 2 Research Institutes for China-foreign Cultural Exchange under MOE International Division (Research Center for China-UK Cultural Exchanges and Research Center for China-Germany Cultural Exchanges),  2 Shanghai Institutes for Humanities and Social Sciences Studies (Center for G20 Studies and Shanghai Center for English Education and Teaching Research), 2 Shanghai Institutes for Social Sciences Research and Innovation (Research Center for Soft Power and Diplomacy and Research Center for Area Studies from the Language and Cultural Perspectives),  1 Research Institute co-sponsored by MOE Education Management and Information Center (Center for International Comparative Studies of Education Informatization),  and 2 Research Centers co-sponsored by the Development Research Center of Shanghai Municipal Government (Research Center for International Cultural Policies and Shanghai Research Center for Social Surveys). 

SISU runs an academic continuum of more than 100 research institutes which focus on global governance and area studies and are rendering advisory services to governments.  SISU's Middle East Studies Institute, the Research Center for Global Public Opinion of China, and the Research Center for Foreign Language Strategies are “CTTI Source Think Tank” units. SISU is building a range of innovative labs and center for eye movement, neuro and corpus technologies, including the Key Lab of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, the AI and Data Science Application Center, and an AI-based translation and interpreting laboratory co-sponsored by iFlytek to explore new frontiers in machine translation, human-machine coupling in simultaneous interpreting, and AI-assisted translator training. SISU looks forward to the new labs and newly acquired experts and their expertise to support the development of foreign languages and literatures and other social sciences disciplines.

SISU publishes 14 academic journals, of which 7 are CSSCI source journals or collections, and 2 are published in English and enjoy global influence. The Journal of Foreign Languages is funded by the National Social Science Fund of China; it is covered by MLA International Bibliography; and it is the only foreign language journal among the "Top 30 Social Science Journals of China".

SISU is open to the whole world, hoping to build a global network. SISU has established partnerships with more than 420 universities, cultural and educational institutions and international organizations from 62 countries and regions around the world. In 2018, SISU sent 45% of its undergraduates to overseas study or exchange programs; 65 international exchange programs for its undergraduates have been implemented with CSC funding; 84 postgraduates have obtained CSC funding to study abroad for degrees; and about 4,000 international students from more than 100 countries came to study in SISU, which was the biggest number in China.  

Keeping a strong faith in Integrity, Vision and Academic Excellence, we are committed to interpreting the world and translating the future. We are taking a range of actions to fulfill this lofty commitment, including supporting national strategies, empowering people’s overall growth, engagement in community development, and facilitating international people-to-people exchange. Our goal is to become a world-class foreign studies university with unique expertise in global governance and area studies.

Over the past seven decades, SISU has contributed a huge number of versatile professionals who have made their marks all over the world as well as playing positive roles in China's diplomacy, economic development, cultural prosperity and social progress, and promoting China's friendship with people in the outside world.


Subject areas

The forum embraces: foreign languages and literatures; political science; journalism and communication; and business administration.


Target participants

Excellent young scholars at home and abroad are welcomed who are interested in SISU and:

1. Have or will soon obtain a doctoral degree awarded by a distinguished university at home and abroad; excellent academic results; innovative and strategic thinking; and the potential to grow into a subject (academic) leader;

2. Respect Chinese laws and regulations; and

3. have shown sound academic and professional ethics.

For young scholars who have eligibility for various national and Shanghai municipal talent funding projects, SISU will do its best to assist in application



SISU will provide free meals and accommodation and finance round-trip international travel (economy class air ticket) and domestic travel (economy class air ticket or second-class high-speed rail ticket). We also provide railway station and airport pick-up and other services.



1. Sign-up deadline: December 10, 2019 (subject to change)

2. Invitation: November 1 to December 15, 2019

3. Registration: December 25, 2019

4. Forum: December 26-27, 2019

Registration and pick-up information will be given in the invitation letter.


Sign-up procedure

Fill out the application form online, and then upload your resume and masterpieces.


1.       Application form:


2.      More forum information:




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