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Martin Ramey and Lauri Ramey: Parables as Poetic Fictions

Parables as Poetic Fictions

Date: December 1, 2016 - Thursday

Time: 09:00-11:00

Venue: England Hall, Conference Center, Hongkou Campus

Language: English


There will be a discussion with the parable from Mark, then showing how parables operate as poetic fictions, how parables can serve to generate new literary works and ways of thinking (as with the Butler), and then suggest a theoretical methodology (cognitive poetics) that works especially well to make sense of parables as a literary form.

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Martin Ramey, member of Society of Biblical Literature and American Academy of Religion, works in the Department of Philosophy at Glendale College. At the undergraduate level, Lauri Ramey's courses include Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Old Testament, Introduction to New Testament, The Bible as Literature, Mythology and Literature, etc.

Lauri Ramey is Professor of English, founding Director of the Presidentially Chartered Center for Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, and faculty adviser of Statement Magazine of Literature and the Arts. Lauri Ramey's main interests in research and student supervision are lyric poetry and poetics, experimental and formally innovative literature, inter-media and cross-genre art, art as a social and political force, canon formation and marginalization, poetry of the African diaspora, ethnic poetry, creative writing and creative writing pedagogy, modern and contemporary literature and culture, and the intersection of creative and critical writing and thought.


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