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oin the over 30,000 and 9000 active learners from 189+ countries worldwide who have enrolled and participated in the SISU FutureLearn “Intercultural Communication” Course. Starting March 27, 2017!

What a great place to dynamically learn about contrasts and connections with other cultures! The SISU IC MOOC has biannually attracted large groups of active learners who are engaged in completing dynamic learning steps over 5 weeks on key intercultural topics (like what is IC? our cultural identities? our varied communication styles? our cultural values?)! Learning from each other is one of the great benefits, as many from vastly different backgrounds, vocations, and age groups leave their comments, note their “likes,” reply to each other, and start interesting discussions. Please consider joining this active social learning community to explore “IC”, develop yourself, and gain a more global and open perspective!

Steve Kulich, Director of SISU Intercultural Institute

Because IC is a key area of interest and need, we WELCOME YOU to join us for the March 29, 2017 course! Our first 3 runs attracted 30,000 learners from an incredible range of countries, regions, and cultures for 5 weeks of social learning. Where else can you have such a chance to see what people from hundreds of different cultural backgrounds are thinking about their cultural identity, communication styles, values, and adaptation processes? Encourage your colleagues and students to join us in this amazing interactive IC encounter!

Linda Zhang, Director of SISU’s Office International Cooperation and Exchange

After years of teaching IC in the traditional classroom, I find this MOOC teaching experience so special and exciting for me: reading thousands of stories and comments from learners all over the world! Such a learning community is like a global village where we exchange thoughts, share inputs and even challenge each other's ideas. As an instructor I feel deeply grateful for the diversified and inspiring group of participants. We’re ready to welcome new groups of learners on this exciting journey of IC learning!

CHI Ruobing, Research Fellow of SISU Intercultural Institute

Each time we run the intercultural communication course, we are impressed by the dynamics among learners. MOOC is an ideal platform for intercultural educators and learners as it allows for an easy sharing of diverse viewpoints. This collective passion for intercultural communication and the diversity among learners is a rich resource for all of us during this learning journey. So, we look forward to meeting you in the course videos and online discussions soon. Welcome, 欢迎 (huan ying), and aloha!

A key part of this course is how our 5+ Mentors (SISU PhDs) help with replies and interact with you! Come and explore IC with us!